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Our highly customizable DATA HUB makes your data fit for all purposes. Included right from the start: the feed for OTTO Market.

We connect data exchanges between traders and manufacturers

Product information is stored in a wide variety of data formats and structures. This makes seamless and error-free exchange between manufacturers, traders, platforms and marketplaces difficult.

Established classifications (like ETIM, eCl@ss, PBSeasy) are only available in a few industries, furthermore they are usually very individually adapted. The requirements of global standards such as GS1 or UNSPSC can only be met with great effort.

Even with well-structured data on both sides, sender-receiver problems still occur frequently. Comparable to humans, two data sets of different origin can mean the same thing and still misunderstand each other.

A professional translator helps, and this is exactly what we do. We work with technical and functional transformations, i.e. the translation of data. We map from the source to the target format and find the similarities. In this way, we connect different data formats and ensure continuous data flows.

These individual transformations and mappings are reusable and extendable. Thus, we optimize your data transfer step by step and simplify the connection of channels and touchpoints.

Data Onboarding

As your data onboarding partner, we support you as a receiver of product data from external sources. Different data sources must be unified and transformed into the final target structure.

Of course, we orient ourselves on your formats, structures and qualities. With our proven processes and the automation of our data bases, we transfer product data records quickly and efficiently from heterogeneous sources into your product range.

Daten Feed OTTO Market

Trading via marketplaces such as Amazon, Zalando, Real and OTTO is an opportunity for traders and manufacturers to benefit from the wide reach and technological edge of the major players.

However, the challenge is to deliver the data in the required target format. This applies to the quality as well as the quantity of the content. But it is especially important to meet the requirements of the data structures of the marketplaces. If you fail to do so, your products cannot go online and will be rejected by the quality gates. Delays and manual corrections are the consequences.

With our data feed for "OTTO Market" we help you to meet the requirements. This way you have easy access to and enjoy the advantages of highly qualified product data.

Hardly any other consultancy has such detailed knowledge of the processes used to bring your products to as forbeyond. Why? We have been allowed to participate in the core processes of OTTO's digitization over a long period of time, both internally and externally.

We develop intelligent processes for listing your products on for you too. Of course, we can also offer you the enrichment, automated texting or translation of your product data. In the process, we work closely with our content services team.

Our offer for OTTO Market:

  • Automated mapping of your data to the target structure of
  • Maintenance and enrichment of product data (texts, graphics, selling points etc.)
  • Comprehensive process controlling and coordination between customers, other data sources and OTTO
  • Delivery of data to OTTO

Content Hub / Data distribution between industry and trade

We use our content platform "fby.hub" for the exchange of product data between manufacturers and traders. This can be used in many scenarios, for example as a supplier portal or interface for product data.

In addition, texts can be automatically prepared, product attributes maintained, data quality measured and permanently verified.

We are curious to see how we can help you with your challenge - always individual, but at the same time always focused on standardization.