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If at the end of the day, inspiration, customer experience and the return rate are positive, you experienced us from our best side.

From the strategy, driven by the customer’s perspective, to the impact at the touchpoint – end-to-end with a single partner.

forbeyond is the result of the merger of successful, formerly competing consultancies for digitization and business transformation. We are united by our love for product data. With bundled competencies, experience, processes and tools, combined with our independence, we have created a unique service portfolio.

Today we offer consulting in omnichannel commerce, customer experience, product information management (PIM), multi domain management (MDM) und enterprise architecture management (EAM).

Our content services with classification, data quality management (DQM) and operational data maintenance as well as the content solutions with focus on data onboarding, content hub and data distribution (e.g. OTTO Market Feed) offer long-term support in your daily business.

This way, we provide companies with innovative, integrated and sustainable solutions in the product data environment, either on the basis of modular services or end-to-end scope, as desired.

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forbeyond –

OCX - Omnichannel Business & Customer Experience

We support companies in transforming their business processes to the omnichannel business model right from the start. Our end-to-end approach considers not only the corporate strategy, but also the customer perspective, innovative touchpoints and market trends.

What is the final impact of product data on the purchase decision? What does the customer gain from it? The term product experience management (PXM) was coined for the journey from product data via touchpoints to the customer experience.

Our end-to-end consulting ensures that the requirements of the end customer are considered from the very beginning.

With forbeyond, product data are not only convincing in terms of process and technology, but also in their inspirational and communicative qualities.

PIM – Product Information Management

Part of our heritage is the independent PIM consulting. Our understanding of product information management is that of an "eco-system" that combines technical, procedural, communicative and organizational aspects in a future-proof way.

Products should be organized in a standardized way and mapped according to legal requirements. At the same time, touchpoint-specific information should be efficiently maintained and provided. A wide variety of marketplace requirements must be met, and internationalization must be enabled quickly and reliably. All this can only be ensured economically with an up-to-date PIM system. PIM overcomes historically grown processes, conventional ways of thinking and rigid silo structures.

Independent of contractual agreements with PIM system manufacturers, forbeyond works with you to select the optimal PIM system for your requirements.


MDM – Multi Domain Management

In a digitized world, Product data and master data are indispensable. Their value for the company increases with the degree of their availability, quality and quantity. By master data, we mean the data of products, customers, suppliers and locations that are relevant to the management of the company.

"Real" MDM systems usually focus on comprehensive, supplementary functions that use the corresponding domains for additional control processes.

Our consulting services are independent of manufacturers and cover all phases of your MDM project. Our competence and experience in MDM consulting will surely meet your requirements.


DQM - Data Governance & Data Quality

Digital business requires product data in high quality and quantity. "Content is King (or Queen)!" Changing customer requirements, algorithm-based AI, automated texting and constantly new requirements must be mapped, controlled and reported in data management.

A clear assignment of responsibilities and the establishment of defined processes is necessary to ensure high data quality in the long term.

DQM stands for data quality management. DQM focuses on data standards. These are usually described by means of a product classification.

Quality gates anchored in the maintenance process make data quality transparent and enable automated control and release processes. This also prevents insufficiently maintained data from delaying business processes.

Together with you and your teams, forbeyond creates the organizational structures, processes and qualitative standards for a future-proof management of product data.


EAM – Enterprise Architecture Management

Digital transformation dramatically increases the relevance of IT solutions. This particularly affects response and delivery speed, reliability, user experience and networking.

Are enterprises and employees optimally supported by the current IT development? Our enterprise architecture management (EAM) creates transparency of processes, technology and interfaces. EAM thus provides the basis for local optimization and global IT strategy.

Together, we create a homogeneous IT architecture that accelerates strategically relevant business processes to a maximum and ensures their long-term success.


Content Services & Content Solutions

forbeyond Consulting is responsible for strategy, analysis, conception and development of the product data eco-system.

Our content services and content solutions teams, meanwhile, are the movers and shakers who support your teams in specific areas such as data migration and classification or provide long-term support in the form of operational data management.

Together with you, we work out the classification of your data, analyze the data quality and close the gap between the actual and the target data with a hands-on approach. This is done automatically wherever possible, but we do not shrink from more intensive research.

Our content hub is the link between manufacturers, organizations, traders and platforms. We transfer the specific data feeds of our customers individually to the requirements of the end users, in other words „touchpoint ready". This ensures that your products always speak the same language, regardless of whether they are in a smart affiliate store or A data feed for OTTO Market is already integrated. Connectors for other marketplaces are now being developed.