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Our independent consulting takes your business to a new level and inspires your teams as well.

Digitization of sales and marketing?

Yes! But how and where do you start such a mammoth task?

In order not to lose orientation, you must first know where you are in the process of digital transformation. What is the state of digital maturity of your company?
This is the exact point where opportunities and risks can be identified, and the individual digital roadmap can be set.

No digitization without product data

The challenges posed by the digitization of sales are many and varied. In addition to technological complexities, changes have a massive impact on the business model, organization and processes. One thing is certain, however: without high quality product data, any digital initiative will be unnecessarily hampered.

Individual, Integrated and Independent

We offer individual service packages depending on the thematic priorities we have identified. In this way, we enable you to win and retain customers through outstanding product data. Stable processes also help you to work more efficiently, grow faster and stay competitive.

Our Consulting Services

Our consulting services guide you through all phases of the product data and omnichannel strategy - from strategic alignment to implementation. Always 100% independent and neutral. Essential elements of our consulting are:



Customer requirements for product data are constantly growing and the impact within the company is also changing. Additional and completely new sales channels in connection with the PIM organization are in change. Together we develop the strategic basis for the future sales orientation and never lose sight of your target group.


Analysis & Conception

As a solid basis for further recommendations, we analyze the status and sustainability of your current product data ecosystem. From this we derive meaningful professional, technical, procedural and organizational requirements and modification needs for the future product data management. The focus is also shifting to IT development.


System selection

When designing the technical architecture, often the need for new software components arises. But the number of software providers on the market is huge and the orientation of software applications varies. We support you in finding the best solution for your requirements. For this purpose, we bring in our high extensive knowledge of software providers in the product data environment. We are 100% independent and financially unbound.



We actively support you as needed during the project realization and launch and represent your corporate interests to implementers and system providers. We support specialist divisions in all project and program management issues. We take on the roles of product owner, scrum master or enterprise architect until sufficient internal competence for independent project management is built up.

Agility reduces complexity

Digitization projects often extend over several years. Due to the broad scope and the fast pace of change, alterations are constantly occurring. It is therefore important to structure these projects into manageable increments and releases. Agile methods offer clear advantages in this respect. forbeyond sees agility as the key feature for successful digitization projects.